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With years of experience in law and justice you'll truly appreciate the time and effort put into every aspect to support and improve Constitutional practices.  The firm is here to help you succeed and that's not something taken lightly.   Whether as an attorney providing legal advice in Washington or as a consultant in any other State, providing effective Constitutional Policing review, analysis and advice enriches a safe and secure democratic society.

At Aubrey Law Firm I am here to listen to your needs and help provide professional law enforcement services and build public trust.  I know that this can be tough in agencies with limited budgets,  but I have a number of different options to help you successfully improve your best practices and Constitutional Policing concepts.

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Eddie J. Aubrey

Principal, Attorney at Law

Experience from 36 years in law and justice provides for a 360 degree view of Constitutional Policing practices.  That experience spans 19 years as a Chief Prosecutor, Prosecuting Attorney, Judge (pro tem) for 3 judiciaries; and an additional 17 years experience as a Police Officer, Training Officer, Police Union Delegate, a Certified Practitioner of (Police) Oversight and as Independent Reviewer (Police Auditor) of one of the largest police agencies in California.


Our firm specializes in helping law enforcement, cities, counties, and communities improve law enforcement practices and build public trust through effective Constitutional Policing and Police Accountability.

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